Blessed 2 in 1 Hair Shampoo
This incredible shampoo is designed and engineered to give your hair the best wash possible. With its light and refreshing feel and scent you are sure to enjoy every wash of your hair. It is designed to be a daily wash for your hair so it's not heavy and smells great! You will be sure to love it so much your spouse will want to use it too! 

Blessed Beard Oil
Beards need constant maintenance, they can be tricky to grow and need TLC to smell and look good! That's where our Blessed Beard Oil comes in, after a thorough wash and you are ready to leave the house a single application will be sure to make that beard smell great and have a great look too! 

Blessed Pomade 
This pomade was designed to give your hair the style and look you want without that heavy, sticky feel. It not only maintains that look all day, but it also enriches your hair with vitamins and oils that your hair needs to keep its lustrous look and color. It washes out easy and has a light scent that will keep you happy all day plus no worries on the flaking, our Blessed Pomade does not flake.  

Blessed Shaving Gel
Shaving everyday can take its toll on your face, it can cause razor bumps and burns. Well, our Shaving Gel not only prevents that, but it also helps add vitality to your facial skin and brings back that not so dry look! Our Blessed Shaving Gel has a light scent and an even better feel! 
Our products are designed by Ray and his experienced staff so that not only do you get a great hair cut with us, but you get to take these products home and continue your Blessed Barber Studio experience at home as well. So don't wait any longer follow our link on the menu tab and take advantage of our on going monthly Blessed Barber Studio Hair Product specials going on right now!